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COVID 19 Update

The 2020 Veterans Resource Fair has been Canceled. There will be no fair on September 5, 2020 either. In the meantime, we continue to provide a resource list for veterans and their families. Please check back here and on our facebook page for more information.

Veterans Resource Fair Providers List


This event is a Labor of Love.

This is a community event that is being put on by Veterans for Veterans and their families.
The Veteran Resource Fair is a community partnership between various veteran owned agencies, nonprofits, federal, state, and local county agencies whose aim is to provide an annual and reliable place and event where Pierce, King, Kitsap and Thurston County Veterans and their families can obtain direct connections and information on many different types of veteran specific programs and resources.

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Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs : Logo and LinkPierce County Veterans Services : Logo and LinkAmerican Red Cross : Logo and LinkTacoma Public Utilities : Logo and LinkThe US Departmet of Veterans Affairs : Logo and LinkHumana : Logo and LinkGene Juarez -Tacoma : Logo and Link

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